Monday, June 29, 2015

EUREKA! Eureka Crystal Beads

The only thing I like as much, maybe even more, than creating jewelry is receiving my bead orders! Recently I got an order from Eureka Crystal Beads and I am very pleased! I happened to have a little more extra money this month and was able to stock up on quite a few beads I've been wanting and I had just found Eureka Crystal Beads.  They have good prices and a good variety of Toho seed beads. I've been having trouble finding one of my favorite color varieties in more than just one or two sizes and they had ALL sizes including small cubes and bugles!! I'm elated! They are in Rhode Island and being on the same side of the country as me is a bonus! I placed my order and got it three days later! They provide free shipping over $35.00 and they are super nice. I highly recommend checking them out!


Love that the majority of my beads came labeled with their Toho number and in tubes. Great for storing.

It's super fun to play in new beads, but hard to decide what to make!

Now the fun begins to figure out what I want to create! LOTS of great new beads, so now decision time! I've had them since Saturday and I'm still trying to decide! It's that Bead Addict not wanting to let go of them even if it's to make something! Bead addiction and throw in a touch of OCD and I wind up just staring at them for a week before I actually do something. But never fear, I WILL create something and you'll be the first to see it!

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