Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lattice Bracelet - Fusion Beads Tutorial

Following tutorials is a new idea to me. When I was only designing and creating wire-worked jewelry I just laid out my beads, grabbed my wire and tools and created! Bead weaving does not come so naturally to me so tutorials have been helping me learn how to group different beads together and to learn the different bead weaving techniques.

One of my favorite bead stores is Fusion Beads, and along with a great selection of beading materials they also offer free tutorials and patterns. Recently I was looking for something to try I found this tutorial for Pastel Lattice Bracelet.  It is labeled "intermediate" but be forewarned the instructions are only text, no diagrams, illustrations, pictures or video!

I had a little trouble at the very beginning, but I studied the picture of the finished bracelet very closely and after a few stumbles I got it with no more problems. The wording is a bit tricky as well. It tells you to "String these beads in the following sequence: 1 – D 1 – B 1 – C 1 – B" at the very beginning and then says "Repeat the sequence three times.", what they should have said was "Repeat the sequence A TOTAL OF FOUR TIMES", or "Repeat the sequence three MORE times", it would have been much more clear. They word things that same way throughout the project, but after the beginning gave me grief I just knew what they meant.

The bracelet is beautiful, a little larger than I'm used to wearing, but it's very pretty. For mine, I did it in all purple and hot pink beads and I used two toggle clasps instead of the tube bar clasp. If I make another one I will get two nice magnetic clasps or a couple of buttons.

Here is how mine turned out:

This was a fun project once I got past the beginning and the confusing wording, but I would definitely do it again. Be sure to check out Fusion Beads, they have great sales and often send coupons in your order, and free gifts too!

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