Sunday, June 28, 2015

Gina's Gem Creations Earring Tutorial and Earrings

I love to browse YouTube searching for bead weaving tutorials. I actually stumbled upon the first one by mistake! I was trying my hand at Kumihimo (which I really do enjoy and plan on talking about at some point), and seen a gorgeous pair of earrings tutorial that was listed on the side of the YouTube page, it was Sidonia's Handmade Jewelry Oriental Earrings. I ordered everything I needed to make these gorgeous earrings and even though my first effort was so so, I didn't give up!! I will be showcasing her designs when I redo those earrings, because her "style" is the style I LOVE!

So while browsing one day I stumbled upon Gina's Gem Creations and watched several of her videos. I decided to make her Lucky Diamond Earrings. I had everything I needed to make them, so I decided to give it a go. Now, the picture of them in her video does not show the real beauty of them. Here is the first pair I made.

While I was making the pair that the tutorial taught I was thinking the whole time of two other ways I could make these. The designer in me always wants to add, subtract or just tweak anything, even my own designs are in a constant state of change!

Here is the first pair of the "tweaked" Lucky Diamond earrings by Gina's Gem Creations.

These turned out pretty good, but I wish I had used white Fireline instead of the smoke. That is one of the pitfalls of being inexperienced. With each piece I create I learn a little bit more! Overall I'm pleased with these. 

Here is a close up showing the embellishments I added to the original design. I used some generic Montees (I bought these by accident when shopping for nail embellishments!). They are not as nice as the Czech Montees, but they're OK for some designs. The briolette drop is Chinese crystal, and I like the added dimension it added to the design.

And here is the second tweaked pair I made.

These are my favorite. They are three small diamonds attached by a single bead to the back of the diamond that precedes it. They are a bit longer than the originals, but I have VERY long hair and long earrings don't get quite so lost!

One of these days I hope to work up the nerve to try doing tutorials. When that day comes I will make tutorials of these earrings that I tweaked. I hope you enjoy these and if anyone is interested in how I accomplished the tweaking I will attempt to explain it!

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